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The Healthcare Cluster
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The Healthcare Cluster is set up as a group of companies and entities from the same industry: The health care industry. Their aim is to reach a higher level of competitiveness through b2b cooperation and implementation of innovating projects.

The Healthcare Cluster is a private non-profit intermediary organization that groups healthcare companies and entities from Extremadura. Our main goals are:

  • To increase our companies R&D and innovation activities
  • To encourage innovation through cooperation
  • To participate in the development of R&D and innovation infrastructures
  • To enhance the health care industry technological level
  • To optimize and introduce innovative management and processes for our regional health care companies
  • To improve the companies awareness in terms of Quality, Environment and Workplace Safety
  • To improve/consolidate the professional management of the companies
  • To improve the industry’s financial situation
  • To have access to new sectors and geographical markets
  • To support entrepreneurial activities
  • To structure the industry's value chain in Extremadura
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