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Phases in the clustering process
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Every Cluster goes through an evolution process since its birth up to its consolidation. Normally, this process is divided into the next phases: 


  • 1. Incubation phase

• Creation of environmental conditions needed for development
• Provision of financial aid to make it easier to interconnect small and large enterprises in the same area and harness potential synergies
• Involvement of ‘driver’ enterprises
• Relations with research centers in the sector

  • 2. Start-up phase

• Development of relationships of trust
• Development of a Strategic Plan
• Interlinking of businesses from different clusters so as to create cross-border meta-clusters
• Creation of own organizational structure and brand image
• Development of strategic cooperation agenda

  • 3. Growth phase

• Creation and development of own projects
• Incorporation of clusters in European technology platforms
• Alliances between clusters, interregional cooperation platform
• Dissemination of results of cooperation between clusters, ensuring that the project results reach other regions
• New products as a result of joint initiatives

  • 4. Maturity phase

• Own patents and innovations
• Appearance of commercial sub-clusters
• Strategic partnerships for economic development
• Attraction of new investments to the region

Source: Committee of the Regions opinion related to “Clusters and cluster policy”. Official Journal of the EU, 9th October, 2008.

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