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The project ‘Promotion of Innovation within the Business Healthcare Industry in Extremadura’ was implemented in 2007. This project is included into the Programme for Business Innovation, Research and Technological Development Promotion, which is regulated by the Decree 160/2001 of the Directorate-General for Business and  Industrial Promotion of the former Extremadura regional Department of Economy and Labor. This decree sets up a Programme for Aids for Business Competitiveness and Innovation Promotion and, more specifically, a Programme for Technological Innovation, Research and Development Promotion. 

As a result of this initiative, the study ‘Approach to Extremadura health care business industry: Strategic potential’ was carried out. It identifies all agents that make up the health care business industry in Extremadura in order to provide them more information than before,   to promote b2b activities between them, to enhance R&D and innovation, to promote potential strategic alliances and experiences exchange, and to encourage the competitiveness within the health  care business industry in Extremadura.

This study was launched on March 11th, 2008. The study was supported and assisted by several entities, especially by the regional Department of Economy, Trade and Innovation and that of Health and Dependence.

One of the main conclusions of this study is the fact that the health care industry is considered one of the main engines for the regional economy, although it is dominated by big multinational companies, which is the reason why the companies in Extremadura find it hard to be competitive.

Therefore, in order to try to reduce this difficulty, it was proposed to create a Health Care Business Industry Association within a Cluster. The Cluster would work as the core to encourage synergies between the industry agents, promote strategic actions aimed at business development, and enhance competitiveness.

From that moment on, the health care industry driver companies and entities in Extremadura set up a series of contacts, thus laying the process constitutional foundations of the Healthcare Cluster.

The Healthcare Cluster was established on November 28th, 2008. At that moment, it included 16 associate member businesses and entities, representing each health care sub-sector, and especially the area of R&D and innovation.

Currently, the Healthcare Cluster groups 26 companies that represent the health care industry in Extremadura.

For more information about these companies, please visit Members tab.

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